Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ribbon wars


Scott Kernaghan said...

THat's really poor form to get bad spools like that. Bad retailers. Where did they come from?

Also, I'd suggest using as little lubrication as possible in a typewriter. They're not made to have a lot! Just wipe over the surfaces with some paper towel to get rid of the excess.

Tina Martin said...

It was and the. ribbon was listed as

Richard P said...

Good thing you had the original spools.

The hammer that hits the bell may need a little tweaking.

Scott Kernaghan said...

Hmmmmm I have had reasonable service from those guys before, Maybe they just made a mistake.

As for the bell, often bells are set on an eccentric (off centre) so that you can turn them a little and have the bell go quieter, or silent. Give the bell a little bit of a turn with your hand and see if that helps. Otherwise you may need to clean the oil out, as it may be slowing the motion of the hammer - if it is touching at all (try triggering it by hand).

Best of luck.

RobertG said...

Good for re-spooling - especially if on an older machine there still are metal spools :-)
Like Richard commented - some tweaking of the wire that holds the weight that strikes the bell may do the trick. About half my machines needed some very careful tweaking/bending to make the weight strike the bell.
(Nice one about the eccentric bell mounting, need to look at that then next time :)