Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Both the early Skywriter and the Smith Corona Sterling from the 60s arrived today, well packed and all in one piece. Woot!  Everything works on both, new ribbons are on order. I am going to clean both, the Sterling is cleaner than the Skywriter, well its younger, lol. Will try to post some pix. The Skywriter serial #2Y-52375 puts it at 1950 and the Sterling portable is 5AX-279144. I can only find 5A numbers, not 5AX for SMC and that would also be 1950, which does't seem right, as it is a 60's machine. Confused! It is the same as illustrated on the USB Typewriter page for the SMC 60s Sterling for which I ordered the USB kit.

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Ted said...

The Sterling is likely a 1964. SCM pooped out a huge batch of these based on the Super-5 body at the end of the line for that style, just as the Galaxy body style was taking over. I've seen a lot of these, and they all seem to be from around '64.